Where can I buy hanging pictures?

The flowers and plants painted on cloth are like traditional Chinese paintings. Should there be an antique shop with several paintings on the wall?
it seems to be called silk hanging paintings. I am in Heilongjiang

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  1. Where can I buy hanging pictures? In general, there are antique markets and galleries in various cities. You can also choose some online, and choose a regular calligraphy and painting network

    recommended by Yi Cong website:

    the new landscape painting “rising sun in the East” by artist Li Guosheng

    the green landscape painting “spring returns to the earth” by artist Li Guosheng

    and so on. I like it and hope to adopt it. Thank you

  2. Generally, there are shops selling paintings on the streets of cities.
    if you can’t find them, it’s better to buy them online. Take a roll of badminton cones and send them ~ ~
    there are many hanging stickers of several ethnic groups in jewelry stores, and the decoration effect is not bad. There are also silk hanging stickers in many jewelry stores in my side. Although these stores only have earrings and necklaces outside, there are still a lot of things in them

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