5 thoughts on “What does the mark on the Chow Tai Fook diamond ring mean?”

  1. Do249ct is the weight of the diamond, meaning 24.9 points of the main stone
    au750, inlaid metal material
    CTF, the English logo of Chow Tai Fook; ()
    if you buy this diamond ring in Chow Tai Fook, it is estimated that the price is about 6500-7500 yuan.

  2. D0.249 is the size of diamond, MJ1 SL is the factory code and has nothing to do with the quality of goods.
    CTF is the English abbreviation of Chow Tai Fook, au750 indicates that the ring care is 18 karat gold.
    the 0.25 E-F color if-vvs 4500 yuan mentioned on the second floor. Where can you buy it? You can dig it yourself

  3. Au750 is 18K platinum.... The price is about 200 per gram. That's 600 yuan
    the diamond of 0.249ct is not good, and the color of I-J is slightly yellow. Si cleanliness is also very low, and the lower is the garbage drill of P or I. if you don't write about the cutting, you won't know
    the total price of your ring should be about 3000. ha-ha

  4. 3000 yuan for general quality and 4500 yuan for super high quality. This price includes 18K ring holder

    0.25 g-h color VVS 3000 yuan

    0.25 E-F color if-vvs 4500 yuan

    that's about it.

    I think what you buy may not even meet the low standard. Oh.

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