What kind of breeding industry is good now. I am from Hunan.

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  1. How is the prospect of cattle raising

    The existing number of cattle stocks in my country is 138 million heads, and beef production reaches 6.759 million tons, which is the fourth largest beef producer in the world. However, the per capita yield of beef is only

    has 4.3 kg, which is lower than the level of 9.8 kg of the world, and lower than the per capita output level of some beef -producing countries.
    Irds after my country joined the World Trade Organization, the beef and beef industry participated in international competition in a larger and deeper level. In the long run, my country's beef cattle industry is facing difficulties in the development opportunities and severe challenges of development opportunities and severe challenges. But opportunities are potential, and challenges are reality. Seize the opportunity and deal with the challenge, the key is to rely on

    The technological progress of beef beef and beef industry, use high -tech to transform the traditional beef beef industry, improve the quality and efficiency of products, promote the development of beef and beef n
    The international competitiveness of lift beef cattle industry. Compared with developed countries, my country's beef cattle industry is actually at the elementary level, and there is still a lot of room for development.

    In the near future, the beef cattle industry will definitely have a pivotal position in the national economy like the current dairy industry.
    In international trade, the exports of beef have been monopolized by developed countries, and my country has always been weak in exports, but at the same time, my country's beef exports also have

    The advantages in price and other aspects. Beef is an industry with large investment and output value. my country costs a lot of foreign exchange every year. We should produce

    Pu production of high -quality beef to replace imports. There are more and more exchanges between my country and the world. The number of tourists in China is very large. The demand for high -end beef in China will increase

    . Therefore, production must be accelerated to ensure domestic demand in quality and supply. In addition, my country's beef exports also have certain advantages. The first is the price

    Ilain. The second is that the quality of beef products is widely adapted. Our beef production is large, there are many varieties, and export products can be selected at will.
    In recent years, the state has tilted key policies on animal husbandry, and the structural adjustment strategy industry has achieved significant results, especially the regional planning and frozen
    n n fine policy subsidies, etc. System construction and the rapid development of beef cattle industry. With the adjustment of animal breeding to grain -saving varieties and meals

    The needs to change the changes in the food structure, beef and beef industry will become a large industry.

  2. I think the level of pork consumption in our country is the highest in the meat and the gap in each year is also very large, so I think raising pigs is a good choice.

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