Xincheng Real Estate's 2015 campus recruitment, what is the interview process?

Xincheng Real Estate's 2015 campus recruitment, what is the interview process?

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  1. 2015 Xincheng Real Estate Spring Change, good energy

    From the beginning of the new city to the new city, to more than the month, it has been more than a year in the past. I said, don't forget, there must be an echo. Another year's job search season, share my new city journey for the confused you.
    If first to pay back to the background, female, liberal arts universal majors, older women master's degree. Although it is a 985 university, it is definitely a difficult household in employment. Because it is a difficult household, I started preparing early. In April 2014, he began to submit internship resumes, but he accidentally hit the new city and began to understand the low -key 20 housing companies.

    The first round: Telephone interview executive face face face to face
    It is more a round of telephone communication. HR did not let me introduce myself, there is no pressure problem, after a simple round of communication, after a simple round of communication, Tell me that there was a "senior management face -to -face" event the next day, and I could communicate with the company's executives to further understand the company and the industry. The original poster agreed to come down. Here are reminding everyone not to give up any opportunity to understand future employers, which is important for choices after getting offer.
    The face to face is the vice president and human resources director, and it is indeed a guest of heavyweight. The new city also prepared a gift package for each classmate who was present, haha.

    one side (group face): The best self -made self on the night when the executive ended face to face, HR communicated the interview arrangement the next day. The interview is 8 crowds. The landlord is a mixed side of a partner of different professional sequences. It is 50 minutes long and divided into 10 minutes of group members to introduce themselves and discuss 40 minutes. The title of our group is to give a land parameter, let us discuss a case name and a slogan. It was later discovered that the topics of each group were different.
    has a misunderstanding in the group, thinking that Leader is revealed, and it is more likely to break through in the group. But in fact, it is impossible for every topic to have an appetite for us. If you encounter unfamiliar topics, if you still have to perform, it will enlarge your shortcomings and be eliminated. The landlord's experience is that according to our grasp of the topic and the performance of the group members, we quickly position our value in the team and give full play to our special strengths.

    two sides (single sides): pressure, sincerity
    about 8 o'clock on the night of the group surface, the two -sided notification was received. Anxiously waiting. The interviewer of this station is the director and manager of the human resources, two -to -one pressure. Mainly for personal experience mentioned in the resume. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone, the resume must be realistic. Each key point mentioned on the resume has case support. For example, if you have a strong learning ability for self -evaluation, you need to tell the interviewer that you have to use PS skills in a job. You study for 2 days, and you have to complete this work, and so on.
    The last question session, the landlord was stupid and innocently asking the interviewer, "Now in June, I started to recruit on campus. Are you afraid that the freshmen will be lost in the autumn recruitment?" The human resources director said frankly, "Find Work is like falling in love, but also fate. Moreover, we also have confidence. After the fresh graduates are compared with a circle, they will still come back. In the end, they will be very loyal. "Later Then, the host is very touched.

    The final surface (experience journey): warm heart, tension, harvest
    probably two weeks after the interview, received notifications from the new city experience journey. At the moment when I stepped into Changzhou, HR started the meticulous care throughout the process, carefully preparing the materials of the experience journey for us, and even put a welcome card with a name on the bedside of everyone. Tears are full of face. For the three -day experience journey, HR accompanied and taught throughout the process, and arranged training, project visits, group building, and group task PK competitions, and deeply understood corporate culture, company development strategy, and industry knowledge. In the final group task report, there are 5 topics related to the development of the company at this stage. Each group claims a topic and a group does one. The judges (all are high -levels of the company's various lines, and it can be seen that the new city's attention to school recruitment) will be targeted at some problems. In fact, it is an assessment link. Therefore, if you really want to get this offer, during the experience journey, you need to maintain a good mental state and earnestly complete the tasks of each link.

    oFFER: The right thing is the best
    about 3 weeks (late July) received the receiving email. This is the first job offer received by the landlord. Excited, but then went to the preaching of various enterprises. In August, I also received an HR communication call, and finally I adjusted the position and work place. After that, HR will call a call every other time. The Mid -Autumn Festival also sent moon cakes. He sent greeting cards and cake coupons to his birthday. He always inadvertently let the landlord feel its existence.

    It now more than a month of employment, echoing all kinds of tossing in job hunting, fortunately, he still insisted on choosing so many "temptations" later. The gains and growth brought by fast -growing companies are piercing the pain point. I also wish you in the job search, and hope that in the process of job search, less tossing.

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