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  1. Which brand of gold bracelet is good and cheap?

    which brand of gold bracelet is good? Zhou Dafu, Lao Fengxiang, Zhou Shengsheng, Liufu jewelry, Caibai jewelry and so on are well-known gold jewelry brands in China. Naturally, the gold bracelets of these brands are leading in the industry in terms of quality and style. However, some well-known gold brands are also more expensive. Therefore, Xiaobian believes that buying gold bracelets mainly depends on its style, purity and weight of gold. As for the brand of gold bracelets, it is not particularly important

    which brand of gold bracelets is cheaper? The price of gold bracelets is basically calculated by the unit price of gold and the weight of bracelets. To understand which brand of gold bracelets is cheaper, first take a look at their respective unit price of gold:

    the price of gold bracelets
    the price of gold of various brands

    from the above figure, we know that the price of Caibai gold brand is relatively cheap. In addition, the price of some unknown small brands will be more favorable, When buying gold bracelets, you can compare the gold unit price of each brand

    how to wear gold bracelets well

    wearing bracelets is also very important. It is not to wear them as you want. It will make people laugh if it violates the established rules.

    when wearing bracelets, there is no strict limit on the number of bracelets. You can wear one, two, three, or even more. If only one is worn, it should be worn on the left hand rather than on the right hand; If you wear two, you can wear one on each of your left and right hands, or both on your left hand; If you wear three, you should wear them on your left hand. You can't wear one on one hand and two on the other. It is rare to wear more than three bracelets. Even if you want to wear them, you should wear them on your left hand, so as to create a strong sense of imbalance and achieve the goal of being innovative and extraordinary.

  2. From the perspective of gold recovery, whether gold jewelry is good or not mainly depends on the gold content. Generally, gold jewelry produced by regular merchants will be stamped with a steel seal corresponding to the gold content when it is put on the counter. Therefore, generally, the quality of gold jewelry can be judged by checking the steel seal. Gold jewelry with high gold content is generally more valuable than jewelry with low gold content when it is recycled

    as for the influence of brands, the differences between gold jewelry of different brands are mainly subtle differences in workmanship and design. However, there is no difference in this kind of difference at the time of recycling. When recycling, different gold content will produce price difference, but the recycling price of different brands is the same

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