4 thoughts on “How to choose when buying gold? Which brands of gold are good?”

  1. Gold really can't be measured by cost performance. If you want a brand, you can't care about the high price. If you want a good price, you can't care about the low brand value. Wedding Basha Xiaobian recommends the following gold brands for your reference! Which brand of gold is better

    1. Famous brand gold recommendation

    you can choose domestic first-line jewelry brands such as Chow Tai Fook, Zhou Sheng Sheng, Lao Feng Xiang and Liu Fu jewelry. However, the gold price of first-line brands is basically 30-50 per gram higher than that of second-line brands. Although well-known brands of gold do not have any advantages in price, gold jewelry of large brands are generally certified by authoritative institutions, so there is no need to worry about quality

    2. Gold recommendation for fashionable and personalized styles

    choose gold from fashion brands such as Zhou Shengsheng and Xie Ruilin. The general style is exquisite and compact, which is very suitable for daily wear, and avoid the problem of pressing the bottom of the box when buying

  2. Domestic Liufu jewelry, Zhou Dasheng and Lao Fengxiang are all very good. Of course, some of them are beautiful in workmanship and good in quality. Therefore, when selecting, you can choose what you like with good quality according to your needs

  3. Of course, you should choose a good brand when buying gold. Anyway, I think the more expensive it is, the better. For example, gold brands such as Chow Tai Fook, Liu Fu and Liu Miao, and some stars often bring these brands.

  4. To determine the target object, there are various types of gold ornaments on the market, mainly including gold plating, gold wrapping, and fine gold. The first two are not precious metal jewelry! Fineness gold refers to gold jewelry with different purity. For example, the gold content of full gold is ≥ 990 ‰, and the gold content of 18K gold is ≥ 750 ‰. The gold content is directly linked to the price of gold jewelry. Jewelry Name: it is composed of material name and variety name, which shall indicate the real property of the product. Weight (referred to as "quality" in the technical documents): the jewelry based on weight shall be marked with weight. Before purchase, please remember to verify the actual weight of gold jewelry. The weight is the decisive factor affecting the price of gold jewelry. The state stipulates that jewelry based on weight, i.e. sold in grams and carats, must contain the weight on the label
    Chow Tai Fook is the largest jewelry company listed in Hong Kong, specializing in the jewelry, jade and gold business of Chow Tai Fook brand. It is a comprehensive business enterprise integrating raw material procurement, production design and retail services. With a history of more than 80 years, it is the most famous and largest jewelry brand in mainland China and Hong Kong. Chow Tai Fook jewelry is one of the 78 special distributors () of DTC (Diamond Trading Company), the world's largest diamond rough embryo supplier. It is the first diamond dealer in the whole greater China region to obtain this honor, and is located in a detached position.

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