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    -23, a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the legal representative is Hu Wenjing, the company's address is No. 601, Luoyang Road, Tianjin Free Trade Zone (Dongjiang Bonded Port Area) (Unit 2 of Haifeng Logistics Park 740), unified society The credit code and tax number is that the industry is the wholesale industry. The registration authority is the Tianjin Free Trade Pilot Zone Market and Quality Supervision and Administration Bureau. Alloy products, chemical raw materials, chemical products, hardware, plastic products and raw materials, office supplies, metal materials, coal, mineral products, paper products, jewelry, jewelry, primary agricultural products wholesale and retail. (Projects that must be approved according to law, only after approval by relevant departments can carry out business activities.) ***, Tianjin Nuoqing An'an Trading Co., Ltd.'s industrial and commercial registration number is

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