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  1. Blessing the short heartwriting copy of the birthday
    With the rise of the social network, more and more people are accustomed to publishing copywriting in the circle of friends, and copywriting is used to share personal living conditions with friends and relatives. What kind of copywriting is impressive? The following is a short -hearted document for the blessing birthday I collected for everyone. It is for reference only. I hope to help everyone.

    The short heartwriting copywriting of blessing birthday 1 1. Rainbow is the lace of the sun. Every day decorated with the sun, the stars are lace of the moon, dotted with romantic every night. Happy birthday is the birthday. Blessings, I hope you have a wonderful every moment, dear, happy birthday.
    2. Maybe I have no touching language to express my sincere wishes; maybe I do n’t have gorgeous poems to express my inner emotions. There is only one sincerity. I sincerely wish a happy birthday!
    . Today is your birthday, I want to write a first poem for you, but the writing is ordinary and wants to sing a song for you, but the five tones are incomplete, and I want to draw a picture of you. Hello dreams can be round, life is sweet.
    4. I wish you a happy birthday tomorrow, good health, happy life, happy life every day; remember to take care of your body, your health is our wish!
    5. Lighting is warmer than the stars, and the blessing is warmer than the light; the wider than the ocean is the sky, and the wider than the sky is blessing. If the text message is the starry sky, then my blessing is the stars. Happy birthday to my brother!
    6. Our once strange and familiarity, from familiarity to knowledge, time creates sincerity, so that your distance is quietly approaching. Maybe in your life, maybe I am not the best, but you are my life in this life The most memorable! Happy birthday!
    7. When celebrating your 75th birthday, send our blessings and wish you health and longevity and always happy.
    8. I wish you a lot of gains on your birthday, send you a gentle arm, so afraid that you have no reason to make a storm; you should send your banknotes to the packet, and you will be afraid that you will go to gambling; A healthy smile! Happy birthday! I wish you good health and a happy birthday!
    9. On this day of your birthday, you will give you a happy notes as a gift. May you have 365 beautiful days and sincerely bless you -Happy birthday!
    10. Flowers will remember the moisturizing of rain dew, the earth will read the sunlight, the sky will think of the stars of the stars, and the bushes will miss the noise of the birds. And I will not forget your birthday: Happy birthday!
    11. Take a deep breath of fresh air, so that all the troubles passed away with the wind; the flowers bloom for you at this moment, and the smile is brilliant at this moment, light up the candlelight, listen to the blessing heartbeat sounding the sound and sounding at the sound. I wish my friends a happy birthday!
    12. Today is your birthday. May you spend it happily! It is the care that you give me no regrets and true love without complaints. You are the person I always need to repay. I hope you will take care of your body and spend every day happily!
    13. Today is your birthday, I really want to live with you. The narcissus flowers bloom, waiting for you to come back. Happy birthday, happy forever.
    14. The End of the End of the End of the World always has a thoughts that belongs to you. In all directions, there is always a hint of concern to wrap you around. No matter where you are, I give the most beautiful blessings. Ren time passed, letting the years. Happy birthday!
    15. Friends, in this beautiful day, hold your happiness. Happy Birthday.
    16. Do you know I miss you? I sing for you in my heart, I pray for you in my heart, send a text message to bless you: good body, good temper, everything is satisfactory, happy birthday, happy birthday!
    17. Happy birthday, dear, today I want to tell you my mood, your beauty has changed my aesthetics of the world, your. Happiness changes my world’s understanding, your laughter changes My tired heart.
    18. If there are friends in the world, it is a friend who cares about me like me. My best friend, happy birthday, good luck, health, happiness in the new year!
    19. The sky of friendship is floating with happy clouds; the happy clouds condenses the wishes of the rain; the wishes of the blessing to nourish your heart field; your heart field echoed my greeting: Happy birthday!
    20. Today is your birthday. I really can’t grab the first blessing of you at 12 pm, but my blessing is not the worst. Voice blessing you: Happy birthday.
    The short heartwriting copywriting of blessing birthday 2 1. Send you a bowl of longevity noodles, not salty nor light, longevity noodles, good luck every day, happiness to watch, happy to be around Bless to send it. Happy birthday to you, wonderful every day.
    2. Today is your birthday. I really can’t grab the first blessing you at night, but my blessing is not the worst. Voice blessing you: Happy birthday.
    3. May my voice blessing, like a bit of drizzle, drizzle the sorrow in your heart, I hope my greetings are like a soft wind, blowing away your tight frown eyebrows, today is your birthday, today is your birthday, wish you happy!
    4. For your meaning in my life every day, the happiness that you bring to you, for our love and good memories, for my admiration for you, I wish you through the world The best birthday!
    5. In the world of love, I have nothing and know nothing. In the emotional station, I hope you are the first guest and eternal master, accompanied me to spoil me; my life is in my life; my life is spoiled; my life is spoiled; my life is spoiled; my life is spoiled; my life is spoiled; my life is spoiled; my life is spoiled. A generation! In the new year, fortunately you have you, love you!
    6. You are a fisherman. I am a fish. For you, I am willing to bite the fish hook and let you drag me ashore; there is no pain wound, only forever; wait for you to fry and stew, I am I will be happy because I finally become your dish! Happy birthday!
    7. Red and red fire is the birthday, the reunion is the popularity, the sweetness is love, and the text message blessings. Auspicious birthday night, blessing to happy you, wish you health, happiness!
    8. Dear, the new year is willing to interpret a romantic love story with you, my heart beating for you one minute by minute, my thoughts will turn your life for you, I love you will be it will be All in the story, baby, happy birthday.
    9. A greeting, a wish, and a bunch of blessings, I hope that there is often a happy emergence in your heart … The spring breeze is like a dream and windlessness, just to send a strong blessing for the mind. Dear, happy birthday!
    10. There are always a few days of unforgettable days in the year. There are always a few people in my life that are most worth cherishing. On this most romantic and warm days, send the most sincere greetings. I hope you think of my happiness every day. Extremely! Happy birthday to dear!
    11. The flowers bloom and thank the branches; the clouds roll Yun Shu, describe the full sky of Caixia; the world changes, and the true feelings will always be in the heart; Birthday wishes you happy forever!
    12. Happy to laugh for you, dance for you, run for you, warmly hold your hand, even Apple rely on you to pray for you deeply: birthday, peace in night.
    13. Happy birthday to my boyfriend all over the world in advance, I hope to get from youth to white heads. May you love me as always in the future, may we get better and better.
    14. On this special day, I can only miss you silently and love you. I just want to tell you: I will always love you forever, everything will affect me. On this most romantic and warm days, send the most sincere greetings: Happy birthday!

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