How to choose the right wine glass?

A red wine glass is a kind of glassware, and different types of red wine should be matched with the right glass because the shape and color of the glass can affect the taste of the wine!

A wine cup has a body, a stem and a foot and is mostly made of glass or crystal. Do you know how to hold a wine glass? The correct posture is to place your finger on the stem to ensure that your body temperature does not affect the taste of the wine, and to avoid the glass leaving your fingerprints on the visual appearance of the wine.

The goblet consists of cut glass, fused glass, blown glass, crystal glass and lead glass. Glasses made of lead crystals. Yes, colored glasses should be avoided in case you don't see the color of the wine. The shape of the glass is also an important factor in the flavor and taste of the wine. The opening of the glass should not be wider than the widest part of the body, and the rim of the glass should be thin. The minimum size of the glass should be able to hold at least four ounces. Too large a glass can affect the aroma of the wine.

Wine tasting glasses usually include Bordeaux red wine glass, Burgundy red wine glass, sweet wine glass, champagne glass, Sauvignon Blanc glass, brandy glass, ISO glass and so on.

1. Bordeaux Wine glass

It is suitable for Bordeaux red wine, because Bordeaux red wine is sour and astringent, so it requires a tulip cup shape with the length of the cup and the wall is not very vertical 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai. The radian of the wall can effectively adjust the diffusion direction of the wine in the mouth, and the wider mouth can better adapt to the gradual change of Bordeaux aroma. The cup is usually held at the joint between the body and the foot of the cup.

2. Red Wine Glass Burgundy

Burgundy has a strong fruity taste, which needs to stay in the mouth. The spherical shape of the belly is just enough to allow the wine to spread to the tip of the tongue first and then to achieve the full integration of fruit and acidity. In addition, the inward narrow mouth of the glass can better concentrate on the aroma of the wine. The larger rim is good for sticking your nose in.

8e2b9a701507dd1364eff8259ab816683. Sweet wine glass

Short glasses go well with sweet after-dinner wines, such as naturally fermented sweet white wines and fortified port and sherry wines. The overturned mouth of the glass concentrates the wine on the tip of the tongue, allowing the fruity sweetness to be fully displayed.

4. Champagne glass

A slim shape is good for sparkling wines. A slim body gives the bubbles plenty of room to rise, and a sharp point at the bottom makes the bubbles rich and beautiful. Also used in ice wine. There is also a short champagne glass with a large opening, but this type of glass wastes a lot of bubbles, and the bubbles will splash on the face when drinking, so it is not suitable for drinking, but for building champagne towers.

5. Sauvignon Blanc Cup

White wine is used at low temperatures. The glass is small to prevent temperature rise. Sauvignon Blanc is light to medium bodied, usually dry, and the thin body of the glass reduces the contact with the air and helps the aroma to last longer.

6. Brandy glass

Brandy is a kind of wine made from fruit (usually grapes) that is fermented and distilled, similar to the Chinese "soju". The short FOOT big BELLY CUP OF THIN edge, CUP MOUTH IS SLIGHTLY narrow, CAN RETAIN WINE fragrance, choke AROMA and LET aroma FACE nose. Drink cognac (a grape-made brandy made in or around cognac that must be sealed in French oak barrels for two years) in a cup that fits comfortably in the hand, not one that is too deep or too lanky. The thickness of the glass is also very important. It must be able to warm through the hand, let the fragrance slowly emit.

7, ISO cup

International standard cup, the foot of the cup is 5~6 cm high, the mouth of the cup is big, the cup is like a tulip. The large body allows the wine to breathe freely in the glass; ​the slightly narrowed rim is designed to keep the liquid from spilling when shaken and to allow the aromas to gather around the rim for taste and appreciation. It WAS DESIGNED BY INAO(NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR NOMENCLATURE OF ORIGIN) IN France IN 1974. It is widely used in international wine tasting activities. It is an all-purpose cup, which does not highlight the characteristics of the wine, but reflects the original appearance of the wine.

Nowadays, the trend of drinking red wine is more and more widespread, and drinking red wine also needs a good wine glass and decanter to reflect its flavor, so what is the definition of good? How to choose a good wine glass?

【 Look at the selection】

When choosing a red wine glass, look at the material, is the red wine glass material, ordinary glass material, feel heavy, and crystal glass material, crystal clear feel light. Compared with the two, crystal glass material can better reflect the charm of red wine. Choose good crystal, can better see the color of red wine, in the visual sense to give a person with crystal clear feeling, wine tasting is also a kind of visual enjoyment.

【 Look at the workmanship】

Second, is to see the work, red wine red cup production process there are two main types, one is artificial blowing, is a kind of machine. The machine suppression is more rigid, relative to the artificial blowing bubbles will be a little more, and artificial blowing is pure handmade, artistic quality is higher, and feels light, high transparency, clink when sound is ringing, echoic fills the air. It is the grinder who makes crystal glasses. A CRYSTAL CUP WITH GOOD WORKMANSHIP SHOULD FASTIDIOUS AND FINE, CAN SHOW THE EXTERNAL BEAUTY THAT SHOWS CRYSTAL PRODUCT ADEQUATELY NOT ONLY (MODELLING, DESIGN, SYMMETRY), AND CAN EXCAVATE ITS INNER BEAUTY TO THE GREATEST EXTENT (GLITTERING AND TRANSLUCENT).

【 Look at the Polish】

The stand or fall THAT POLishes affects CRYSTAL goblet directly the price. Red wine glasses with high gloss are generally manually blown, while machine-pressed red wine glasses have dark gloss. This is the difference between the two materials and the two kinds of workmanship. Therefore, the price will be different. And crystal cup in the process of processing must pass through the diamond, rough production will make crystal surface friction traces.

Therefore, when choosing a red wine glass, you can choose a good red wine glass according to the above methods, which can better reflect the flavor of red wine.

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