5 thoughts on “When I introduced it to me that day, I said that jewelcad wanted to learn Jewelry design. Is this the same as the CAD we usually say?”

  1. Different, but the nature is the same. They are all tools to be used. Jewelcad is a specialized CAD/CAM software for jewelry design/manufacturing. Jewelcad is highly professional, high -working efficiency, and easy -to -learn. It is the first choice CAD/CAM software system recognized by the industry. CAD refers to the use of computers and their graphics equipment to help designers in design.

  2. Different, the names are different. It must be different. The CAD of the jewelry design is not the same software as the CAD we say. The content you need to learn is different.

  3. Different, the applicable design scope is different.
    Jewelry design is Jewelcad. Ordinary CAD is interior design or architectural design.
    The methods and composition used are different.

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