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  1. The average price of a carat diamond ring is about 40000 to 300000 , while the price of a carat diamond ring with very high quality and rare style may reach 500000 or even higher

    it is recommended to choose brand diamond rings. The quality and after-sales are guaranteed

    "4C" is the standard for judging the value and quality of a diamond. The so-called "4C" is the abbreviation of the four English words beginning with C, which refers to the carat weight (), clarity, color and cut of the diamond

    1. Weight

    the weight of diamonds is calculated in carats (also known as carats). 1 carat = 200 mg = 0.2 G. A carat is divided into 100 parts, and each part is called a cent. 0.75 carat is also called 75 points, and 0.02 carat is 2 points. Under other similar conditions, the value of diamond increases exponentially with the increase of its weight; The value of diamonds with the same weight will vary greatly due to the difference in color, clarity and cutting

    2. Clarity

    the color, number, size and position distribution of inclusions have different effects on the clarity of diamonds

    3. Color

    diamonds have a variety of natural colors, ranging from precious colorless (white after cutting and grinding), rare light blue and pink to common yellowish. The more transparent and colorless, the more transparent the white is, and the more colorful it is after refraction and dispersion

    the grading of diamond color is determined in the grading environment of the professional laboratory by the technicians repeatedly comparing the diamonds to be graded with the standard color colorimetric stones

    the whitest diamond is set as D (i.e. starting from the first letter of diamond). The color of diamonds is divided into 11 levels, which are D, e, F, G, h, I, J, K, l, m, N.

    4. Cutting

    the cutting of diamonds refers to the accuracy of its cutting and grinding ratio and the perfection after finishing. Good cutting should reflect the brightness and fire color of the diamond as much as possible, and try to keep the weight of the original stone. The cutting grade of GIA is divided into ID (standard), ex (excellent), VG (very good) and G (good) from high to low. The national inspection of China is divided into ex (excellent), VG (very good) and G (good)

  2. A diamond ring of one carat is about 50000 to 300000,
    it mainly depends on the 4C of the diamond, carat
    weight, clarity, color and cut. In addition, the brand, style and material of the diamond ring also have an impact on the price of the diamond ring
    (1) color: colorless is the best. The darker the tone, the worse the quality. In the color classification of colorless diamonds, the top color is color D, which is arranged to Z. here we only say the color level from D to j, D-G is colorless level, and g-j is near colorless level. From K down, there is no significance for collection and wearing. Since the diamond will gradually turn yellow from K, we try to choose the color above h
    when selecting the diamond. Although I-J level is also in the nearly colorless category, it can also detect a slight yellow. Colored diamonds, such as red, pink, green, blue, etc., belong to the treasures of diamonds and are expensive. Among them, red diamond is the most precious
    (2) clarity: the clarity classification is based on the position, size and quantity of the inclusions. The clarity level can be divided into FL, if, vvs1, VVS2, vs
    1, VS2, SI1, SI2, Si3, P1, P2, P3. The cleanliness of the diamond should be carefully observed under a ten fold microscope. The more defects, the more obvious the location, the poorer the quality and the lower the price
    carat weight: when the other three C are the same, the price of diamonds is directly proportional to the square of the weight. The larger the weight, the higher the value. The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. 1 carat (CT) = 0.2 g (g). A carat is divided into 100 parts, and each part is one point. The price tag on the market is 0.3ct, and 0.4ct is what we call 30 points and 40 points.
    cut: the raw stone of a diamond, even if thrown on the road, will not be noticed. It is the cut that gives it a second life and makes it have a brilliant fire color. Cut refers to the geometry and arrangement of various valve surfaces of the finished bare diamond. Cut is divided into cutting ratio, Polishing and finishing degree. Each item has five levels, from high to low, excellent, very
    good, good, fair, poor Generally, what we see are standard round drill type cutters. Top cut stone, whose reflection of light can reach the closest to perfection.
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  3. As long as you have seen the beautiful diamond ring under the flash lamp, you can never forget its brilliance. In particular, the promise of love brought by the diamond ring is something that every woman can not refuse. Now many men will buy such pigeon eggs for women. While women are happy to receive such a gift, they will also care about how much the diamond ring is. What is the price of a carat diamond ring? Let's take a look together

    1, a carat of diamond ring

    a carat is about 0.2g, and a carat is about the size of a soybean grain. In fact, the prices of diamond rings vary from brand to brand and style. Some diamonds may be less than 10000 yuan per carat, while some diamonds are worth hundreds of thousands of yuan, which is simply sky high. Therefore, we need to recall the 4C standard of diamonds that we repeatedly talked about before. The so-called 4C is considered from four aspects: carat, color, clarity and cutting

    2. What is the price?

    If a diamond is of color grade I and clarity grade VS2, and you obtained it from a conscientious seller, its value is about 50000 yuan. If you get a diamond with a color level of D and a clarity level of FL, it will be worth more than 100000 yuan. Therefore, we should pay attention to the fact that the higher quality diamonds of this level are generally used for collection and investment. When we buy diamond rings, we should also pay attention to our own use, and then choose the diamond rings suitable for ourselves according to the budget

    how much is the price of a carat diamond ring? After reading the above text, can you buy diamonds with confidence? When choosing a diamond ring brand, a diamond ring with profound and beautiful meaning is the best choice. For example, ABC strategy. Each diamond ring can be customized. Is this kind of diamond ring meaningful.

  4. It depends on the brand style, but also on the color, clarity and cutting of your 1 carat diamond. These are the importance of price. The best 4C is the top level. 1 carat VVS, the color in d-f level is more than 100000. The clarity of 1 carat you want to buy is: Diamond clarity Code: VVS, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, Si3, P1, P2 (from high to low). Large VVS grade diamonds are rare. Top grade diamonds are diamonds without any impurities in the 15 times magnifying glass. Such diamonds are also rare in the diamond! Vs is a diamond without any impurities under a 10x magnifying glass. The color of diamonds is divided into five layers: d-f is colorless and the most expensive, g-j is nearly colorless, K-L is slightly yellow, N-R is light yellow, and S-Z is light yellow. Therefore, it is difficult to give you an accurate price for a 1-Carat diamond ring without a clear clarity and color. Generally, the naked diamond will be cheaper, the clarity is not high, and the 1-Carat diamond ring with poor color will cost 30000-40000! (it also depends on where you are. After all, the prices vary from place to place!)
    if there is a good place to buy a diamond ring, the price is actually very high. Because the brand merchants such as Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang have to add the added value of the brand, which is relatively high, and the price is not very low. At the same time, the main evaluation of diamonds is based on the four major standards of diamond color, clarity, weight and cutting. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy them on the regular website, If you decide to buy a diamond ring online, you must find a regular website. After all, the money for buying a diamond ring is not a small amount. My colleague made a diamond ring for his girlfriend's real name in the online shopping mall of jintaifu. If it is customized, we can consider jintaifu diamond wedding diamond customization center. It is said that jintaifu diamond jewelry customization center focuses on customizing emotional diamond jewelry. Integrate the little bits of love into the design. It is favored by urban white-collar workers. The female colleagues in our office all think his girlfriend is very happy. We all envy him. We all think that this male colleague is very considerate. I think this kind of diamond ring is also suitable for you and your girlfriend.

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