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  1. 1、 What is the best material for the ring rest of a diamond ring?

    1.18k gold

    18K gold is not strange to many people in China. It has always been the primary choice of jewelry and jewelry materials, and has occupied an important position for many years. 18K gold is soft and easy to deform, so many people won’t choose it to inlay precious jewelry such as diamonds. However, it is also because it is soft and easy to renovate, so many people have a special preference for it, because it is easy to remodel and the style is changeable. Although people’s fashion concept has begun to change this year, 18 karat gold has always been an important choice of diamond ring and drag material in the hearts of many people, which may have a certain key to the influence of traditional culture, but the unique charm of 18 karat gold is still not negligible

    definition: gold is divided into 24 parts, 24K gold is full gold, 18K gold is 75% of gold (18 / 24 = 0.75), and the remaining 25% is other precious metals such as Pt, nickel, silver, palladium, etc.

    symbols: G18, au750, g750



    wear resistance

    recommended index

    advantages: color selectable, high hardness, solid diamond inlaid, low price

    disadvantages: inconsistent with diamond value After long-term wearing, the gloss decreases

    ring holder

    2. Platinum

    platinum itself presents natural white, bright color, pure light is naturally formed, and shines elegant brilliance. Platinum is not only elegant and pure, but also durable and never fade. It symbolizes pure and lasting love and is favored by many lovers. There are mainly three types of Platinum Bracelets: pt950, pt990 and PT900, which indicate the percentage ratio of gold content. The higher the gold content, the higher the value. The natural white of platinum and the nobility of diamonds add radiance to each other, making the diamond ring beautiful and bright. Its unique quality and good meaning are the perfect love tokens in the hearts of many lovers. Therefore, platinum ring slippers can be said to be the best choice for the material of ring slippers

    definition: a natural pure white precious metal, known as the king of precious metals. According to the national precious metal naming standard, only platinum can be called platinum. Platinum has the characteristics of not fading and not easy to wear

    commonly used as diamond ring holder material:

    PT900: it contains 90% platinum, and the remaining 10% is other precious metals

    pt950: it contains 95% platinum, and the remaining 5% is other precious metals

    remarks: the platinum rings mentioned by many merchants in the market often refer to white 18K gold rings, not platinum (PT) rings. Please note this

    indicates symbol: platinum, Pt



    wear resistance

    recommendation index

    advantages: wear resistance, long-term wear and no color change, corresponding to diamond luxury

    disadvantages: hardness less than 18K gold, color not selectable

    3. Palladium

    many people will feel strange when they see the name of palladium, but in recent years, palladium has gradually entered the eye of the jewelry industry and become a new favorite of the jewelry industry. Like platinum, palladium is also one of the rare precious metals in the world. As a non renewable resource, its output is very small, less than 8% of gold. Palladium has the same pure white luster as platinum and is persistent, but the price is much lower than platinum, so it is favored by many working-class lovers

    definition: rare white precious metal, similar to platinum, has excellent characteristics and will not oxidize and lose luster in the air under normal conditions

    symbol: palladium, PD



    wear resistance

    recommended index

    palladium, as a rare metal, is often used as jewelry due to its rare characteristics, good ductility, and resistance to oxidation and fading. However, it is not recommended to be used as inlaid diamonds for the time being


    2. Several mistakes in choosing ring rest

    1. Gold may not be suitable, but its advantages and disadvantages are obvious

    after buying diamond rings, many consumers have little knowledge about the ring holders. At present, most of the diamond ring holders in the market are 18K gold. This kind of ring holder looks good in appearance, but the gold content inside is only 75%, which is not consistent with the high quality of diamonds. From the perspective of inlaying, the diamond ring holder is still suitable, with good quality and strong inlay

    2. Although platinum is expensive, its hardness is relatively small

    platinum is relatively expensive. In terms of the same quality, the price of platinum is relatively high, which is consistent with the quality of diamonds. However, we know that the hardness of platinum is small, and many platinum ornaments are not practical enough and may deform under certain circumstances. For consumers who choose diamond ring care, they must be more considerate

    3. The right choice of rare metals is the king

    many famous brands are choosing alloy materials as diamond ring holders to make up for some deficiencies in nature as much as possible. This practice is beyond reproach. The key is that the appearance of ring holders now needs to be more suitable for quality adjustment, and try to avoid the appearance of mismatched ring holders of diamond jewelry affecting the overall atmosphere. When the festival comes, men and women often choose precious diamond rings to express their love. Therefore, it is orthodox to determine the quality and value

    diamond ring

    as for the material of the ring holder, we still need to see how large the diamond matches. It has never been only expensive that is good, and it has always been only suitable that is the best.

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