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  1. The Chinese New Year will send the annual goods to employees, what kind of annual goods will be economical. This problem is actually a bit difficult, do not simply start from the perspective of the year.
    The starting point for employees to send the New Year’s goods is to allow everyone to spend a good year. All employees are happy to go to work and go home happily to celebrate the New Year. In addition, for enterprises, it is necessary to consider the cost of cost, which is the economic benefits you said.
    In order to answer your questions, you mainly follow two angles:
    The on the one hand. From the perspective of employees, it is not important what the company will pay. Many employees have to go home to celebrate the New Year, so no matter what the company issues, the main employees related to the Chinese New Year will bring home. Imagine what will we bring back every time we go home for the New Year. In fact, the New Year will send the new year to the employees. From a certain perspective, we also give the employees’ family members of the family. Baijiu or melon seeds, candy and the like. These things are fine, but it is better to get red envelopes when you come back.
    On the other hand, from the perspective of an enterprise, companies want to benefit employees, but they have to consider costs. Therefore, companies that are not bad money directly issue bonuses to employees, and at the same time they will also issue prizes and some high -end gifts. We can’t compare with such companies, so if you want to give employees some cost -effective New Year goods, do not think from the perspective of product perspectives. From the perspective of B2B.
    If you have a lot of employees in your company, then sending annual goods for employees is a large demand in this regard. Enterprises can use this product demand for magnitude to talk about cooperation with some annual supply. Perhaps the market price is hundreds of yuan. In terms of a large amount of demand, the price will be 50 % off, 40 % off, and 50 % off.
    In more than this year, it can be used to sign a fixed agreement with some suppliers to compress the cost with some suppliers, etc., and use business and business to achieve the purpose of affordable and cost -effectiveness.
    What do you think!

  2. 1. Generally distributed items are: dry goods, wine, oil, rice, ham sausage, kitchen utensils, etc., should be distributed in some things in life. Of course, the way to distribute benefits can also be different. It may not necessarily be the same as everyone. You can adopt a lottery method. Put welfare in the prize.
    2, red envelope
    This for employees to prepare a big red envelope, send it to the employees during the New Year to express blessings in advance. This is a manifestation of corporate culture and welfare.
    3, gift cards, refueling cards, etc.
    general New Year and New Year, gift cards for major supermarkets are still more popular. At this time, the company can issue refueling cards.
    4, nut gift box
    , whether it is peanut or almond fruit, etc., it is a good choice. You can choose to distribute nuts.
    5, tea
    tea is also a good choice for distribution.

  3. 1. Rice noodle oil. Send some rice noodles. These are eaten every day. It is more affordable and practical.
    2, fruit. Send some fruit gift boxes to employees in the New Year, which looks more face -to -face, than
    such an apple gift box, orange gift box.
    3, red envelope. It is still more realistic to send red envelopes to employees in the New Year. You can send WeChat red envelopes or cash to employees.
    4, Nuts (local specialty) gift box. Eating more nuts is good for the body. Sending the leadership nut boxes can eat different types of nuts, and nutrition will be more comprehensive.
    5, small fitness equipment. It is a good choice to send small sports equipment! Such as table tennis rackets, netizens shots, mountaineering sticks, it is very good!
    6, fish. The meaning of buying a fish for more than the year is sent to employees to cook for the New Year.
    7, pot. You can distribute pots, steamers, boiled pots, wok, etc. to employees.

  4. I also work in the company, I will give you a suggestion. The first is to issue a shopping card, and to send a larger supermarket card in your there, so that employees want to buy what to buy, which is the most popular way of employees, and it is also very affordable. Second, the light issuance card is issued, and it is not easy to leave the company’s human taste, and it is not easy to impress the employees and their family members. The quality of candy must be good, chocolate and the like, it is best to have a few different. Fruit can be fruit or nuts (I think the best nuts), and it must be posted. Sweets such as candy are sweet and beautiful, and the most popular landscape is also the most popular with the elderly and children. Everyone wants to buy the New Year. Good candy and nuts are generally more expensive. Usually, everyone is reluctant to buy more. For family members, respect the elderly, put on the table for the New Year, tell the guests that this is sent by our company. It is very face -oriented. It is best to be candy and fruit when buying. It is also appropriate to make gifts. In this year, there are all kinds of faces and benefits, and there are not many exquisite things, and the purchase will not be too laborious. It is very good. Haha, our company is ready to post like this in the New Year.

  5. First of all, you need to confirm the company’s budget, and then buy things based on funding budgets.
    The generally distributed items are: methods, wine, oil, oil, sausage, milk, silk cotton quilt, kitchen utensils, etc., should be distributed with some objects that must be living in life. Perhaps the way to distribute benefits can be different. It may not necessarily be the same. You can choose the method of drawing a lottery.
    Novice gift packages: You should not be too familiar with this one. There are many types of novice gift packages, and it is also divided into many types of novice gift packages. There are nuts, all meat products, haha, see everyone love What.
    four -piece set: This is a very good choice, and it is very powerful. It is also good to see. It is a big bag, haha.
    Gift cards: This is all true. If you do n’t know what to use, then you should buy them themselves.
    It local products: This is relatively very good, and it is more acceptable. If the local products are outside the local area, the local local special products are more mastered, so you still have to choose it.
    Cash: This is relatively simple, but it is the easiest to be forgotten, but everyone is more loved.
    In the survey statistics first, in the selection: If you do n’t know what you send, then you need to think about it, first grasp their rules, and then choose the most considering objects as benefits. The rate is also relatively high.
    The more and more companies are inclined to choose elastic benefits. They can prepare welfare exchange packages, allow employees to redeem themselves, and improve employee satisfaction.
    Reason for the selection of new year gift packages:
    The category is many, freely selected
    The standard package for different gears, which can customize any gear package for the enterprise, and also support physical purchases; The package provides 40-100 gifts, and employees choose freely.
    The price is good, the quality is good
    The physical prices for exchange are lower than the mainstream e -commerce prices; high -quality commodities converge, genuine guarantee, and high cost performance.
    Table can be divided, customable
    The high -end package can be split and exchanged for products in low -grade packages, more choices, more satisfaction; themes, gears, goods, package, and activities can be customized. Help corporate culture propaganda.
    The procurement is easy, and it is easy to send
    Simplified welfare procurement and distribution, saving efficiency and efficiency; free shipping of physical goods, after -sales first payments.
    It the above suggestions can give us some ideas that have troubled us in the Spring Festival benefits.

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