4 thoughts on “Is opal a gemstone? My family brought it from Australia. It's very beautiful. I don't know what its value is.”

  1. Opal, as a gemstone, is called opal in English and opal in Chinese. It is also translated into opal by some people. It is a kind of precious Opal and a hydrate of silica. It is mainly produced in Australia. 95% of the world's opals are produced in Australia. The value of opal depends on many factors: embryo tone, brightness, pattern pattern, color layer thickness, defect condition and color changing game, which play an important role in the value evaluation of opal. Oparton usually uses "carat" as the unit to calculate the price. Other important factors include cutting, grinding, size and shape

  2. Opal is a precious gemstone, one of the six gemstones (diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, emerald, emerald, opal): the top black opal sells for tens of thousands of dollars per carat, which is more expensive than diamonds
    the value evaluation of opal is complex. For natural opal, the factors for value evaluation mainly include the following aspects: 1. Color change includes color change, style and brightness; 2. Body color; 3. Size
    there are two layers of stone and three layers of stone corresponding to the physical opal. Opal is artificially cut into very thin sheets and then pasted on the black substrate. It is a two-layer stone. If a layer of transparent crystal or glass convex surface is pasted on it, it is a three-layer stone. It is generally seen in the Australian tourism market and is relatively cheap
    there is also a synthetic opal (also known as Gilson Opal) using polymer synthesis technology, which has the lowest value.

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