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  1. How to identify the authenticity of jewelry due to the special value of jewelry, the most basic requirement of people is that it is genuine. Putting aside the price factor, how to ensure that people are not deceived by fake goods has become the most concerned issue and also the most worrying issue for consumers. The professional testing institutions certified by the national certification authority, with professional, authoritative and fair identification, check the quality of jewelry for consumers, and become an important basis for consumers to spend with confidence
    Formal jewelry sales should be accompanied by appraisal certificates to clarify the quality of jewelry and ensure consumers' right to know. Therefore, when buying jewelry, consumers must not forget to ask for the identification certificate, and carefully check whether the corresponding contents of the commodity label and the certificate are consistent, especially the number and photos

    What if I worry about buying fake diamonds

    many friends are afraid of buying fake diamonds when they buy diamonds for the first time. In fact, as long as they pay attention to three factors, there is no need to worry about them:

    1. Judge whether the business is really engaged in jewelry business. Because the reputation of this industry is very important, if you sell fake goods, you will be uniformly isolated, so the gains outweigh the losses, and generally there will be no fake goods. However, we should be careful of two kinds of stores: one is the shops in tourist attractions, and the other is the women's shops mainly engaged in various small ornaments. If these two shops claim to have real diamonds and real Jadeites, be careful

    2. Don't worry about buying synthetic diamonds. Here I can definitely tell you: don't worry, you can't buy synthetic diamonds! Because synthetic diamonds are more expensive than natural diamonds. The synthetic diamond mentioned here only refers to the compound with the same molecular shape. If it is polished into 57 or 58 standard faces, the cost will be higher. Synthetic diamonds were first developed by Japan in 1955, but they were not mass produced. Because synthetic diamonds are more expensive than natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds are rare in the market

    3. Don't worry about buying fake diamonds and other cheap gems, such as colorless gems, colorless spinels, zircons, strontium thoriate, yttrium aluminum matte, yttrium gallium garnet, etc. To solve this problem is actually very simple: trust our appraisal institution! As long as we can issue the appraisal certificate of an appraisal institution with certain qualifications, we think there is generally no need to worry

    scientific maintenance of diamonds

    1. Diamonds should be stored separately. Do not put it together with other ornaments to avoid damaging the essence of diamonds by friction or oxidation. It's better to buy a few small boxes containing diamond ornaments and collect them separately

    2. It is absolutely necessary to wear diamond jewelry after putting on makeup and spraying perfume. Because diamonds have oil absorption, grease or dust will stick to the surface of diamonds and make them dull. It is recommended that you soak it with alkaline detergent and water for 1-3 minutes, and then rinse it with clean water

    3. Try to pay attention to whether the diamond ornaments you wear are torn off when you wear sweaters or knitted clothes. After all, diamonds are not cheap goods

    cleaning of diamonds

    like other objects, diamonds can be smoked, stained or stained with dust. All kinds of solvents, powders, soaps and even oils produced by human body will form films on the surface of diamonds, reducing the luster of diamonds. In addition, air may oxidize or discolor jewelry. The following recommended cleaning methods for diamonds are as follows:

    1. Rinse with detergent

    first put a little detergent into the bowl and stir it with warm water to form foam, then put the diamonds into the bowl and gently wipe them with a soft brush. After brushing, take out the diamonds and put them into a metal mesh or tea filter, rinse them with warm water, and then dry them with a soft cloth

    2. Soak in cold water

    dissolve the detergent in cold water at a ratio of 1:4, and immerse the diamond ring in the solution for several minutes. Take it out and gently wipe it with a soft brush, then rinse it with solution once, and then wipe it dry with a paper towel

    3. Cold water immersion method

    add the same volume of water to half a cup of amonia water for home use, immerse the diamond in the solution, gently stir it, and then use paper to absorb the water

    in addition, ultrasonic cleaners and other special jewelry cleaners are also effective.

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