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  1. According to the current market situation, the average price of a carat is between 50000 and 300000, and the price of a carat diamond ring of many international luxury brands can reach about 400000, 500000, or even millions. The price of one carat diamond ring is generally very high, and the price difference is also very large

    this is mainly related to "carat premium". Carat premium mainly means that the greater the weight of the diamond, the higher its own value, and the space for collection and appreciation is obviously higher than that of small diamond rings less than one carat

    however, the large price range is mainly related to the value of the brand and the quality of diamonds. For the same one carat diamond ring, the price of the internationally famous brand diamond ring is four or five hundred thousand or higher

    the price of domestic well-known brands is much lower, but compared with that of domestic well-known brands, the diamond quality of one carat diamond ring can be comparable with that of foreign first-class brands

    the 4C standard of diamonds is also a major factor to measure the value of diamond rings. There are great differences between the 4C standards of diamonds, which also leads to the price range of diamond rings. The color of diamond 4C standard can be divided into more than ten grades from D to Z, and the clarity can be divided into 11 grades from FL to P1, P2 and p36, and the cut can also be divided into five grades. Because of these factors, there are so many different prices for the same one carat diamond ring

  2. The cost of one carat diamond ring fluctuates very much, generally in the range of 50000-200000, because there is a great relationship between one carat diamond ring and the 4C parameters of diamond, the brand, material and inlaying process of diamond ring, especially the parameters of diamond have a great impact on the price of one carat diamond ring

    what aspects affect the price of one carat diamond ring?

    one carat naked diamond

    naked diamond can be said to be a valuable part of a diamond ring. The price of a carat of naked diamond needs to refer to the diamond 4C standard, that is, the cut, clarity, color and weight of the diamond

    the price difference between two one carat diamond rings of a diamond ring brand and diamond rings of the same weight is mainly due to the different cut, clarity and color of diamonds. Some only need about 50000, while others need more than 100000. If you look carefully, you will find that the color, clarity and cut of diamonds are different

    diamond 4C parameter

    1. Weight (carat). International standard unit: carat (CT), 1ct = 0.2g. "Min" is generally used in China, 1 carat = 100 min. The price of diamonds is directly proportional to the weight. With the increase of the weight of diamonds, the value of diamonds increases exponentially; At the same time, diamonds with the same weight will have a price difference due to different color, clarity and cutting

    standard round diamond size

    2. Clarity. The international standard stipulates that the classification of the cleanliness grade shall be observed from the five aspects of the nature, color, size, quantity and position of the contents under a ten fold magnifying glass. According to the national inspection standards of China, the diamond cleanliness can be divided into 10 levels: LC, vvs1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, P1, P2 and P3. The higher the purity of diamonds, the higher the value

    3. Color. Diamond color classification generally refers to the classification of yellow and brown series. The diamond color is divided into 11 levels, which are D, e, F, G, h, I, J, K, l, m, N, and D is the whitest diamond level. In the yellow series, the closer the diamond is to colorless, the higher the value

    4. Cut. Diamond cutting refers to the accuracy of its cutting and grinding ratio and the perfection after finishing. Good cutting should reflect the brightness and fire color of the diamond as much as possible, and try to keep the weight of the original stone. The cutting grade of IGI international gemstone Institute is divided into ID (standard), ex (excellent), VG (very good) and G (good) from high to low. The national inspection of China is divided into VG (very good) and G (good)

    diamond ring material

    the commonly used materials of diamond rings are platinum and K gold (generally 18 K gold)

    1, platinum

    platinum is a rare precious metal. From the natural property, platinum is more precious because its output is extremely low. The diamond ring holder is made of platinum and is loved by more and more young people. Because of its high hardness and high purity, we commonly have pt950, which has a purity of 95% and only contains 5% of other metal materials. At the same time, its appearance is white, suitable for fair skinned women to wear, wear-resistant and not easy to fade

    2, 18K Gold

    18K gold has a gold content of 75%, so the common mark is au750, which is a name for it. Compared with other diamond ring materials, 18K gold is extremely stable, not easy to be oxidized, not easy to deform, and more solid. In addition, it has many colors, unlike platinum, which is a single color. The common ones are rose gold, golden yellow, white, etc. according to different ages and skin colors, you can choose the most suitable diamond ring

    diamond ring brands

    the value of well-known brands will also be relatively higher, because they have higher requirements for the quality of diamonds and have brand support

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